Bypass Humidifier (HE225/265)

365 days of home comfort

The HE225/265 Bypass Humidifier provides comfort through the entire year with seasonal damper allowing for humidity control from season to season. This comfort is also extended through the PerfectFLO distribution tray that helps distribute moisture evenly throughout your home.

  • Delivers up to 17 gallons of moisture into the home each day
  • Allows for easy control of humidity from season to season
  • Replacement Honeywell Humidifier pads can be purchased from and/or replaced by your heating and cooling contractor, and also fit Aprilaire Humidifiers
  • PerfectFLO distribution tray helps ensure that moisture is distributed evenly
  • Five-year warranty
  • Professional installation
AgION Humidifier Pads
Exclusive AgION humidifier pads feature an anti-microbial coating, which helps inhibit the growth of molds, bacteria, fungus and algae on the pads
Model/Sku #
Model numbers: HE265VPIAQ, HE265DG115, HE265H8908, HE225VPIAQ, HE225DG115, HE225H8908


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Bypass Flow Through Humidifiers Owner's Guide
Model: HE225A, HE225B, HE265A, HE265B
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