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LineVoltPRO™ 8000 7-Day Programmable Electric Heat Thermostat

Advanced control of electric heat systems
Can help lower heating bills
Provides consistent comfort

Available only through an HVAC (Heating and Cooling) Professional

Electronic Temperature Control - Precision of +/- 1 degree F saves up to 10% on heating bills
Pre-Set 7-Day Program - Maintain the pre-set program schedule for up to 15% energy savings, or modify the schedule to fit your lifestyle
On-Demand Backlight - Easy to read in various lighting conditions
Heating Indicator - At-a-glance confirmation that the heat is on
Peace-of-Mind - On/Off switch allows you to turn the thermostat off at the end of the heating season
Early Start - Ensures programmed temperature is reached by programmed time
Soundproofed for Quiet Operation - Reduces the clicking noise commonly heard with conventional thermostats
Models: TL8230A1003 (US), TL8130A1005 (CANADA)

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