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Converter/Extender/Push Button - RPWL3045A

Multi-functional;great value
Converter/extender/push button
Satin nickel/black finish

Available to purchase in a retail or "big box" store to install yourself


Converter to be used with Honeywell door contacts. Door contacts work with your door chime to alert you when the door or window have been opened.
Converter to adapt a wired door bell push for use with select Honeywell wireless door chimes.

Extends the range of a wireless chime. A wired chime and push can be paired with select Honeywell wireless door chimes as an addition to the system to allow your range to be increased.
Door Bell Push Button:

Can be used as a standard door bell push button with select Honeywell models.
Self-learning to simplify programming
Individually coded to avoid interference with other users

Model: RPWL3045A
Compatibility: E
* Look for the compatibility letter on the packaging to be certain of product compatibility

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