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Portable Plus Wireless Chime & Push Button - RCWL210A

Portable around your home or yard
Easy access volume control
Optional quiet alert flashing light

Available to purchase in a retail or "big box" store to install yourself

Portable around your home or yard for ultimate convenience
Easy installation - no wires and no need to program the included bell push button
Flashing light indication when chime push is activated (optional - can be turned off if desired) - ideal for homes with napping children, those who are hard of hearing or have home offices.
150 ft. range (46 meters)
4 chime tunes with CD quality sound
3 adjustable volume levels
Works with up to 4 bell push buttons for additional doors throughout the home
Bell push button is individually coded to avoid interference with other users
LED feedback on the bell push to let guests know a signal has been sent
Model: RCWL210A
Compatibility: C

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