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Portable Comfort Control - REM5000R1001

Sense and control temperature from anywhere in your home
Be comfortable in the rooms where you live
Control multiple thermostats

Available only through an HVAC (Heating and Cooling) Professional

Temperature Control Anywhere in the Home - Take it with you wherever you go to make temperature adjustments from anywhere
Change Sensing Location - Choose the "sense from here" option to sense temperature from a location other than the thermostat
Control Multiple Zones - When installed with zoning, can be used to change the set temperature from any zone
View & Change your HVAC System Settings - Heat, Cool, Off
View and Set Temperature
View Indoor Humidity
Zero Interference - With other wireless devices in the home such as baby monitors or cordless phones
Built-in Pager - Push a button on the thermostat to locate the control with an audible noise
Goes the Distance - Works in every home - tested up to 10,000 square feet
Built-in Back-up - In the event that power is lost from the devices, the thermostat will resume control of the HVAC system
1-Year Battery Life and 2-Month Battery Warning - Gives you plenty of notice
Model Number: REM5000R1001
2-Year Warranty

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