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Reliable Water Solutions from Honeywell

Studies show that deadly Legionella bacteria can grow when a water heater's temperature is set too low, but it can't survive when the water is heated to 140 degrees F. But, of course, if your water is 140 degrees F, there's a great risk of getting scalded. Fortunately, there's a water system solution that solves both problems: a Honeywell mixing valve.

Honeywell mixing valves are designed to help prevent the growth of bacteria by allowing you to set your water heater at 140 degrees, then mixing in cold water to deliver water to the tap at a safe temperature.

Small hands and old hands are the most at risk for burns from scalding water. Protect loved ones with solutions that guard against scalding water while still allowing your water heater to be set high enough to prevent bacteria growth with a Honeywell water mixing valve.

An added bonus is a larger supply of usable hot water, great for families where everyone seems to shower in a row.

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