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Honeywell has a variety of product solutions that can help increase your home’s safety and security.

Home security systems include everything from a door bell to a motion detector to a complete network of alarms and detectors. You can even get solutions that tell you when a toddler is trying to get out. So whether you're concerned about intruders getting in or little ones getting out unnoticed, you'll be protected.

Honeywell mixing valves protect against scalding water while still allowing your water heater to be set high enough to prevent bacteria growth.

Nearly everyone understands the need for a fire and smoke alarm, but a gas detector is important for home safety too. Carbon monoxide - CO2 - is an odorless gas that can cause sudden illness and death. People with headaches and nausea may think they have the flu when actually they may be experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning. Only a gas detection device can alert you to the presence of carbon monoxide. Honeywell carbon monoxide alarms install easily and are an affordable safety solution for protecting your family.

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