Wired Illuminated Push Button (RPW210A)

DIY Install
Our Wired Illuminated Push Button – RPW210A is white and has a simple rectangle design. Surface mounting and illumination enhance the push button’s visibility.
Setup is simple and easy. Just ensure you have the right wires and follow the step-by-step installation instructions.
The push button that goes with any décor

White goes with anything. This Wired Illuminated Push Button goes with any front entrance décor. It’s UV-resistant plastic, so the white will hold its color longer. The surface mount and illumination ensure the push button stands out day or night.

  • White
  • UV-resistant plastic holds its true color longer
  • Illumination requires doorbell transformer
  • Surface mount
  • Compatibility: B
  • DIY installation
White Finish
Complement or contrast with your front door décor
Guests can struggle finding the doorbell. Not with our wired illuminated push button.
Model/Sku #
Model number: RPW210A
Setup is simple and easy
Follow the step-by-step installation instructions in the resources section below to determine what wires are required and how to install your Wired Illuminated Push Button.