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Wall-mount Wireless Chime & Push Button (RCWL110A)

Our Wall-mount Wireless Chime & Push Button - RCWL110A is designed to be easily wall-mounted. Features such as traditional sound quality, battery power and 16 codes to prevent user interference distinguish this chime from others.
Setup is simple and easy. Just gather the right batteries and follow the step-by-step installation instructions.
Part past. Part future. All chime.

Wall mount is the past. Wireless is the future. This chime has a different take on that idea. Our Wall-mount Wireless Chime & Push Button is wireless, and it’s designed to be wall-mounted. It runs on a battery and has 16 available codes, which decreases the odds of interference. For the do-it-yourself, installation is easy.

  • 100-foot range (30 meters)
  • Wall-mounted
  • Three chime tunes
  • Door chime and doorbell push has 16 codes available to prevent interference from other users
  • Battery operated
  • Compatibility: A
  • DIY installation
16 Codes
Having 16 available codes helps prevent interference from other users
Multiple Chime Tunes
You can choose from the three chime tunes below.
  • Ding Dong
  • Ding
  • Westminster
Model/Sku #
Model number: RCWL110A
Setup is simple and easy
Following the step-by-step installation instructions in the resources section below to determine what batteries are required and how to install your Wallmount Wireless Chime & Push Button.


Download PDF
Wallmount Wireless Chime & Push Button Installation Manual
Model: RCWL110A
English, French, Spanish