Ecosystem & API Integrators

Your home is your own – and your Honeywell connected home is designed to adapt and grow with you, day to day and year to year. From sleek devices to innovative apps and services, these highlights from organizations that integrate with Honeywell's ecosystem will further enhance the comfort, safety, and convenience of your Honeywell home. Please visit if you are interested in learning more about the Honeywell Developer Program.

The 2nd generation Lyric Round™ Wi-Fi Thermostat is now compatible with Apple® HomeKit™. HomeKit is Apple's connected home technology used to seamlessly integrate and control HomeKit devices in your home from your mobile device. For more information on HomeKit, please visit "What is Apple HomeKit?"
All of Honeywell's connected thermostats, both Total Connect Comfort and Lyric Round, work with Samsung SmartThings™. So you can connect and control all your smart home devices in one simple app. Enjoy limitless possibilities to enhance your home.
“Alexa, set the temperature to 72 degrees.” Honeywell Total Connect Comfort and Lyric Round thermostats are now compatible with Amazon Echo. So now with your voice and the Alexa App, you can remotely control your thermostat and automate your connected home devices.
Learn more about Amazon Echo
Supported Amazon Echo commands:
Alexa, set the temperature to X degrees.
Alexa, set the [thermostat or group name] to X degrees.
Alexa, raise/lower the temperature by X degrees.
Panasonic Smart Home Monitoring Systems sync seamlessly with several smart Honeywell thermostats. The Panasonic Home Network App is fully compatible with Honeywell APIs to help you control the security and comfort of your home at any time, from anywhere. Learn more about Panasonic and compatible Honeywell Total Connect Comfort thermostats at
WeatherBug Home uses Honeywell APIs to help customers stay comfortable while they save more energy. Combining API data received with our real-time weather data allows us to weather-optimize Honeywell thermostats and provide consumers with customized home energy insights.
Iris by Lowe’s smart home offering now integrates with Honeywell's Total Connect Comfort connected thermostats. With Iris you can simplify everyday events and now your Total Connect Comfort thermostat right from your smartphone.
The Lyric Round™ Wi-Fi and connected Total Connect Comfort thermostats plays well with Yonomi. Connect and control all your smart home devices from one single app and enjoy countless ways of interacting with your home. Yonomi's routines enable an easy to simplify your smart home devices.
Zonoff uses Honeywell's API to enhance the Z1 Consumer Internet of Things software and services platform. The world-class Z1 software Suite includes an exceptional user interface framework, proven hardware reference designs, robust data analytics, a comprehensive device ecosystem and subscription-based services.
Wink is the simpler way to a smarter home. By using Honeywell's API's, Wink connects Honeywell Total Connect Comfort thermostats to hundreds of other smart products around the home and brings them all together in a simple, easy to use app.
Stringify simplifies and automates your Connected Life. By connecting your Honeywell Total Connect Comfort thermostat, Lyric Round, and Lyric Water Leak & Freeze Detector to Stringify, you can build powerful automation experiences which combine your digital and physical Things that automates your Connected Life all from a single app.
Encycle offers its unique commercial consumer focused SwarmStat™ service, with features specifically designed to address facility managers’ concerns and reduce their workload. SwarmStat allows one to easily manage multiple Honeywell thermostats (even across multiple sites), reduce monthly utility bills using patented Swarm Logic™ strategies, ensure HVAC units are performing optimally, and generate revenue by easily participating in utility Demand Response programs.
Myknock makes your connected life better for you and your family. Manage all of your devices from a single dashboard. Share your things with your family members while having the control to share what you want, when you want, and with whom you want.
HouseLogix is a leading expert of 3rd party integration for the custom electronics and automation market which leverages Honeywell’s API to enable comfort control across the Control4, URC, and RTI ecosystems.
Combined with Honeywell’s API, Compass Control® provides an innovative experience for users seeking safety and comfort in their business or home with Honeywell's Total Connect Comfort thermostats. Compass Control® is the first fully integrated major control system build from the ground up to use Apple’s IOS devices as its backbone. Whether it’s monitoring security, adjusting climate, or controlling audio/video, customers will always be in control.

Through Honeywell's API, users of Logitech Harmony remotes and app can monitor their thermostat status, adjust modes, and program specific temperature settings for each one-touch Harmony Activity.
EnergyHub's software platform allows consumers to enroll Honeywell thermostats in utility programs designed to keep the grid reliable, prevent blackouts, and keep the lights on. For participating, consumers earn bill credits and other incentives.
Simple Control
Simple Control brings together the power of Honeywell's API providing control over all of a user's thermostats with a world class control system for home automation and audio/video products.
UniKey™is powering a new integration between Kwikset Kevo and Honeywell Total Connect Comfort Wi-Fi thermostats. Homeowners who pair their Kevo and compatible Honeywell thermostats will experience added convenience as they will no longer have to remember to adjust their thermostats when they arrive or leave home.

Through the Honeywell and IFTTT integration, consumers can now automatically link and manage their Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostats with simple Recipes. Consumers can visit the Honeywell Connected Thermostat Channel at, and begin creating and setting Recipes that will activate custom features and scenarios for free.
Expand your Lutron® lighting control system beyond lights and shades, with temperature control. Check and adjust the temperature from anywhere on Honeywell's Total Connect Comfort Wi-Fi thermostats using the Lutron App for Caséta Wireless. Lutron is compatible with Lyric Round through Apple HomeKit.
Clare Controls delivers a simple intuitive app personalized by you for iOS and Android devices so you can stay connected to your home. Clare connects to Honeywell thermostats and thousands of other products and integrates these different technologies within your home so they all work together. Clare. And Simple.
As part of its mission to create peace of mind through technology, Home8 is proud to integrate with Honeywell. By using the Honeywell API, our customers can control their Honeywell smart thermostats using the Home8 app, making their smart home and health care services even smarter.