Got Pressure?


Safe Water Temperatures


Stop Fluctuating Water Pressure

Reliable Water Solutions from Honeywell

The water that comes into your home from municipal sources can vary in pressure. 

Honeywell pressure reducing valves provide even water pressure at all times, giving you more reliable and comfortable water service and protecting your plumbing infrastructure.

Uneven water pressure can also cause your water bill to fluctuate. Pressure reducing valves can help keep your water bill in line and also assist with water preservation by decreasing water waste.

Studies show that deadly Legionella bacteria can grow when a water heater's temperature is set too low, but it can't survive when the water is heated to 140 degrees F. But, of course, if your water is 140 degrees F, there's a great risk of getting scalded. Fortunately, there's a water system solution that solves both problems: a Honeywell mixing valve.

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